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Niceballs Dangle Beneath Your Desk So You Can Discreetly De-stress

Niceballs is a dangling prosthetic accessory that allows users to discreetly de-stress under their desk. designed by Spanish creative agency imaginarte, the malleable object sticks easily and efficiently to any workspace, carefully suspended beneath any solid surface. It's irregular shape and undulant curves encourage relaxation and provide a few moments of escape during a hectic work day.

Team Imaginarte has envisioned Niceballs as a necessary desk accessory for workspaces across the world. The reimagined stress ball mimics the weight, balance and form of the human element they so closely resemble, with a smooth and soft texture to maximize comfort and malleability. Imaginarte says that the pendulous prosthetic intends to ‘provide those seconds of escape that we all need once in a while’ and make it ‘possible to be productive while touching your balls.’

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