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Morel Mushroom Hunting: Dream Job or Harsh Reality? [VIDEO]


Every summer thousands of wanderers flock deep into the forests of the Pacific Northwest with a fever rather reminiscent of the old gold rushes. What are they chasing? Morel Mushrooms. For roughly two months every year, a seasonal market pops up throughout the Northwest that creates one of the largest legal cash economies in the world. These wild mushrooms are one of the first signs of life to appear after a forest fire has raged through the land, growing the summer following a fire. The mushrooms relative rarity and difficult foraging conditions make them a delicacy sought after around the world, and as such come attached with a pretty price tag. This summer a group of UBC students had the opportunity to explore this unique experience, living the life, and occupying the job of mushroom pickers for wild morels in northeastern Oregon.

Shortly before leaving for the trip, two of the group, Alex Pflaum & Jakob Henz, decided that they would do their best to document and video the experience. This project was a first time filming experience for both of them. The outcome of the project is this video that attempts to give the world a taste of what it means to be a morel mushroom picker.

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