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RENDRD Picks: Gift Ideas for the Conscious Consumer

With the festive season in full swing, it’s a time of surplus, joy and plenty. With all of the commotion, it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of it and loosen our consumer morals as we seek to tick everyone off that present list. Here at RENDRD we promote conscious consumerism and a have pieced together a few ideas ranging from thoughtful gift suggestions to karma-centric partying as we look to round off 2016. In this first part we’ve gone round the office asking for present suggestions, have a look at our favourite picks:

One Species Apparel

One Species Apparel is a brand rooted in the fight against species extinction. Each collection is dedicated to a different species’ plight for survival. All apparel is made from high quality bamboo textiles.

"I saw the critical need to reconnect humanity with animals, and so I built a brand to deliver that reconnection" says founder Elena Jean. This current release looks to help the dwindling Southern Resident Killer Whale population with a chunk of sales revenue going to purchasing whale monitoring equipment.

Our pick:

Bamboo SRKW84 socks

A perfect stocking filler for anyone who pays extra attention to where their money goes. Shop the socks here.


Previously featured here, Noctex is a firm favourite in the office as it embodies an aesthetic and ethos that we can’t fault. Hailing from our very own Vancouver and only dealing in off-cut fabrics, this is recycling done right.

Noctex also make the point that it's clients are more than free to shop any style and look, promoting a universal fashion free of gender defining silhouettes. This paired with the variety of ways every piece can be rocked keeps us coming back for more wardrobe staples.

Our pick:

X Hoodie - with a kimono style wrap and massive pockets that could comfortably fit a tablet/kindle/snacks this hoodie derives its name from hitting all the marks when conceptualising the perfect transition piece. Shop the piece here.

Also be sure to check out their new boutique Cortex opening soon in Gastown.


No introduction needed, Patagonia is currently leading the charge when it comes to major companies taking an active role in environmental movements. Coming off the back of generating and donating $10 million from Black Friday sales alone, they’ve won heavy favour amongst environmentalists the world over.

Our pick:

The iconic Powder Town Beanie made from 96% recycled polyester. With the continuous onslaught of brisk BC weather this holiday season, save a loved one's head this winter with this beanie.

Wasted Effort

Hailing from the creative epicentre of this city, Wasted Effort is a boutique hand-made jewelry line pioneered by a crafty mathematician. These qualities come through in the minimalist design elements that make a Wasted Effort piece easily distinguishable. The current collection is titled Genesis and features abstract iterations of the female form along with other biblical references.

Our pick:

Garden of Good & Evil or Revenge of Lilith necklace

Shop the pieces here and here or drop into Nouvelle Nouvelle in Gastown to pick them up if you're worried about holiday post!

Stay tuned for the second part of this series looking at charitable NYE events across Vancouver so we can all start 2017 on a holistic note.

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