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The Dregs: A Dark Comic Ode to Vancouver’s Disappearing Drug Users

Fact: drug overdose has claimed 128 lives from B.C. in November alone. Truth is: this number is very likely to increase in the coming year.

Writers Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler, artist Eric Zawadzki, and colorist Dee Cunniffe have portrayed the gravity of the situation in a Sweeney Todd-like comic book titled "The Dregs".


"In this bloodsoaked satire of gentrification, an exclusive new restaurant called Pijin becomes the hottest spot in town by serving high-end dishes of human flesh. Where is the meat coming from? No one knows for sure, but a drug addled homeless man named Arnold Timm notices his friends disappearing and is determined to find out if they’re being fed to the rich."

A modern spin on Sweeney Todd in our world of excess where a touch of celebrity can make even cannibalism seem downright sexy.

Although this comic is set to release in January 2017, VICE has published previews a few pages of the story. The Dregs can be pre-ordered here

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