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RENDRD Picks: Catch Chromeo + More FREE at Electric Beach this Miami Music Week

As the sun makes it's way higher in the sky with each passing day, festival season etches closer and closer. If that's too slow for your liking, maybe it's time to take a trip to a place where the party's already underway, and a good weather guarantee is part of the name. Miami Music Week returns to the Sunshine State in under 2 weeks and this year the dons of Corona's Electric Beach party have picked a roster of talent to fuel this year's vibes.

On March 23rd, Shore club is set to play host to the Canadian dynamic duo, Chromeo, along with a an array of other artists soon to be announced. The daytime rave is set to go on from 1PM-7PM EST.

Electro-funk pair Chromeo formed in Montreal in the early 21st century, a project of former hip-hop producers Dave 1 and P-Thugg (news flash: not their given names).

Dave handled guitars and vocals; P was the talkbox-wielding synth specialist. From the beginning, Chromeo made it clear that the name of their well-dressed game would be artful detachment, earnest songwriting, retro breakdowns, and gleaming plastic beats -- not serious intent or aggressive musical regime change.

What's more, the 21 & over event is free, simply RSVP here.

Check out some of Chromeo's heaters here to get a feel:

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