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RENDRD 006: Bjork Gets the Act Natural Treatment

Having cozied up to the role of DJ as of late, Björk’s sets have garnered the attention of artists and fans across all musical landscapes. From the flashy neon headwear she sports throughout, to the eclectic blend of genres included in each mix, each set is an immersive spectacle not to be missed.

Jumping on her wave, Act Natural’s latest free release through our one man RENDRD imprint is a 4AM dub of her track, ‘Moon’ worthy of Björk’s undivided attention. With the original track having been inspired by the cycles of the moon and the tide, Act Natural fittingly pulls off a rework that is at once euphoric and dark; seamlessly lacing Björk’s ephemeral vocals over a dubby tech house beat. Like moonlight reflecting off the ocean’s tides, you’ll lose yourself in the club’s strobe lights to this one.

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