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Feels Familiar: This is Why WTFest 2017 Was a Success [PHOTOS]

Photos by Alex Pflaum & David Fluharty

If you were lucky enough to become part of the family we call What The Festival this last week, you’ll know that to accurately depict with words what just occurred is an unreasonable ask. With that said, to not at least try would be unfair to everyone else.

Having just finished it’s 6th year, WTF has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of creativity and free expression in our little place on this planet. More than just a music festival, WTF seeks to overload your mind, body, spirit, and soul through every tangible sensation. And it does so with style.

Though the festival never truly goes to sleep, the days kick off just before noon at the splash pool as local talents and headliners alike gather together to funk you up to the sounds of disco, house, breakbeat, and beyond. By 4pm the whole festival is out in force as the daytime headliners slay for crowds of over 2000. Though it’s impossible for anyone to do wrong, some of our favourites of the weekend were Special Guest Claude Von Stroke, Touch Sensitive, Hotel Garuda, and Classixx.

By 6 the pool starts to close down and most retreat to their camps for a couple pick-me-ups and a much needed food break as the swim trunks come off and we prepare for the neon lights and cool desert air. After a short recess we make our short trek up the hill to the field for the main acts of the night. Split by the biggest disco ball you’ll see in your life, the Main and Effin stages are primetime for one of the best sunsets you’ll ever see in your life. Gramatik, ZHU, REZZ, and Sofi Tukker were some of our favourites!

By midnight you’ve already been shaking your booty for the whole day - but it’s not till now that things start to reach their weirdest potential (in the best possible way). The remainder of the festival goers begin their descent into the enchanted forest where the world most truly becomes your oyster.

From getting down and dirty in the Qube, lounging with shisha, sipping tea at temple, dancing with the dragon, or just getting down right weird with any of the interactive art displays. The enchanted forest is without a doubt one of the most special places on this planet. If you weren't already convinced by the giant pool party, the unbelievable sunsets, or some of the most exciting electronic music acts the world has to offer. Come for the forest, and stay for the weird.

Till next year, WTFam.

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