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Vancity Original Monochrome Collection Captures Vancouver's Winter Mood

Dark days, long nights and grey skies is what Vancity Original had in mind with their new capsule collection. The keepers of the city took their iconic branding and flipped it into a series of monochromatic hoodies, crewnecks, toques and snapbacks.

The subtle branding twists the light just enough to give it a contrast that deviates from the loudness we're used to seeing from the saturated streetwear market. This switch up on design is already moving units and will likely not last the winter. We had a chance to link in with Justin Jung aka. Jungle to find out what inspired the monochromatic series; "We wanted to make clothes someone would wear right now. It's what you see all around you and how you feel, look outside and it'll probably be raining... translate that into a look and it's minimal contrast... It's cozy apparel."

Check out the collection below and support your local independent OGs.

Shoot and edited by @Hubey

Modelled by @Dkay & @Arezoufiaz

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