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Dear friends from SKIO Music,

The following list showcase RENDRD Artists (those who are directly affiliated with RENDRD) and Friends of RENDRD (those who are not directly affiliated with our collective, yet share the same taste and artistic vision).

Without further due, meet our artists:


Having lived in Vancouver for the past 4 years, the Hong Kong native has collated all his cultural influences and has spent time in the lab honing his craft. Upon completing his academic career on a high, Agustin Aponte, aka Act Natural, took up residency at MIA in Gastown. A fiend of the underground, he knows his way around Deep House better than Michel Phelps does a pool.


Having started out with trap edits and flips of his favourite tracks 2 years ago, Harrison released his debut EP "You talk/ Helpless/ Hours upon hours" 6 months ago. Like a fine scotch, his work has matured majestically. Pronounced like the fabric, Silkqs beats glide through the airwaves effortlessly transcribing a sad tale much like a satin frock falling off a sun kissed body on the last day of summer. Check out Helpless from the EP to see what we mean.




A born and bred BC local, Port Moody to be exact, Bentos set always pushes the experimental boundary and hangs on to enough familiarity to keep the punters engaged, yet always second guessing. [Port] Moody by name, moody by nature.



With releases under My Techno Weighs a Ton, as well as Fools Gold records, Jason is a producing pedigree. He has been gaining momentum as a purveyor of the art of Techno under the name Juan Ton. With a keen adoration of 80s style disco tech and house, his music is the type of techno that will have you two steppingfor days.


Another Vancouver local and AREYOUMIA resident, Sylva Sivs or, SIVZ is guaranteed to find you the best house edits youve not heard and sprinkle them in amongst her set. Having released his first bootleg in August, we are excited to see where his sound progresses.



Kevin Botejue's ability to read the dancefloor left us perplexed when we first first saw him perform. Funky, melodic and elegant, you're in for a journey when Botej hits the decks.  Moreover, he is one of the mids behind Vancouver record label Nordic Trax. 

Sherwin Sharifi came into the EDM world via the channel of Drum&Bass and having meandered his way through the grungier sounds of Dubstep, we find him currently hovering over House. Dont let this fool you, RIFI is demonstrably a curatrial savant with each set masterfully executed from track selection through to mixing. Check out his sets and youll understand.

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