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This editorial is titled “loose Links”. while the contents of this publication feature some monumental pieces of the past season, their value comes from their individuality rather than their cohesiveness. we are living in an era where fashion is changing at an accelerated rate and while it’ll be easy for one to find their comfort zone and not deviate from it, the true challenge and fun lies in giving new pieces a try and styling conventional items unconventionally. This little task is what pushes boundaries and gives birth to new ideas. “loose Links” is an attempt to capture Multidisciplinary inspiration as a key to the creation of a unique identity in a saturated sphere. These loose links are a part of this inspiration.

credits creative direction, Styling & Visual Design IYanu Owolabi

photography Sebastian Wittekindt & Iyanu Owolabi

Models Michelle Lui, Jenn Xu & Iyanu Owolabi

Special Thanks ayodele Bandele, Ope Oladipo, natsuki Ludwig, ssense & farfetch

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