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"the medium is the message"

RENDRD prides itself on offering fast turnaround on content at competitive rates.


Our multidisciplinary team have collectively been involved in planning and executing cutting-edge digital as well as live experiences. By staying at the forefront of our craft, many of our collaborations have rippled into seismic waves steering the immediate culture around us.





Our roster of professional photographers expands across the entertainment industry and commercial projects. Content that drives audience engagement is our bread and butter.




 Our filmmakers, producers, directors and editors  are committed to translating your ideas into tangible assets that will help your marketing goals become a realization.


Wether it's a new t-shirt design, a skateboard graphic, or a full-spread mural, our in-house illustrators will take cues from your brand's message and translate them it into stunning visuals

motion graphics

Audiovisual content that gets the message across your audience while helping you stand out in today's saturated world of of social media;


Wether you are starting a new venture or flipping the page, our team of creatives will help you build an image that resonate with your audience.




Scoring, mixing and sound engineering are provided by our producers and composers, scalable to your needs. Whether it’s a fleshed out concept, a catchy jingle or the beat for your next single; our team will work with you to materialize a product in real time.

live content

The online media landscape has evolved and live feeds are fast becoming an integral part to any presence. We incorporate real-time content into our clients' arsenal, adding a direct means of communication to your community.




We offer competitive packages integrating community management and social growth

for your brand

In today's ever-changing social media landscape, it's easy to get left behind. Our consultants stay up to date with the latest techniques for effective demographic reach; letting you hone your focus entirely on your business


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