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Make Your Unflattering Photos More Attractive

This selfie corrector software developed by researchers at Princeton University allows you to easily make a ‘more attractive’ version of yourself. the digital tool gives users the option to distort the sometimes misrepresentative and often unflattering portraits that result from photos taken with a front-facing camera. Due to it’s close proximity to the subject, these lenses often render the person’s noses larger, ears smaller and foreheads more sloping than they truly are in reality.

perspective-aware manipulation of portrait photos video courtesy of ohad fried

Ohad Fried, Adam Finkelstein, Eli Shechtman, and Dan Goldman’s extensive research on the subject began with a model for generating digital, 3D human heads from a database of 150 people photographed in 20 different poses. next, they used a program made available by researchers at carnegie mellon university to identify nearly 70 reference points of a selfie, like the corners of the eyes, top of the head, placement of the ears and dimensions of the chin. the researches then coded their own software that could adjust the 3D head models to optimally correspond to the detection points on the face.

Using the research, Princeton computer science undergraduates Brian Mcswiggen and John Morone have built an online demonstration of the new portrait manipulation method at the project’s web page, where you can find a host of additional information about the project and upload your own selfie to the software.

Source: designboom

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