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Handsome Tiger is Owning this Summer [PREMIERE]

The first day of August to many marks the start of the end of the Summer season but one cat gearing up to take on the heart of the summer days is Handsome Tiger. We're pleased to bring forth the release of his latest studio project the Juggling EP.

The musical project takes you on an intrepid journey across dense bass and low hanging mids that give the listener an ominous impression. On Equinox there's a sinister urgency that pulls you down and shakes you around until you finally reach a fresh water stream with rippling synths painting the highs on Halftime Cynic. Fulltime Critic.

A nicely structured EP with a well tied story - Juggling makes for perfect listening when you're down in the trenches or pushing weights on the benches. It will charge you up and have you bopping in anticipation of what's next.

Catch Handsome Tiger performing at Vancouver Arts & Leisure on August 17th and if you're lucky enough to be at Rifflandia, you'll have the chance to catch the big feline during a BC showcase at the festival.

Stream the Juggling EP on all platforms here.

Stay up to date with Tiger on IG/FB/Twitter

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