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Post-Modern Connection [PREMIERE]

With BC’s bourgeoning music scene, the competitive edge to get ahead is more important now than ever. For independent bands in BC, finding a way to build an organic following can be both very trying and extremely difficult. With only a handful of bands seeing long lasting success, there’s no real road map to break through.

So, I get really excited when bands like Post-Modern Connection (PMC) begin to emerge in the BC music scene. PMC is a four-piece indie-soul pop band based out of Kelowna who have established themselves in their own playing field. Listening to their debut single, “Lost in Talk,” you hear several musical perspectives which blend seamlessly to create a track that beyond surpasses the standard of set in alternative rock as a genre. A really big part of what makes PMC stand out is their lead singer, Tega Ovie’s, vocal tone. His voice is not just soulful crooning, it leaves you with a visceral reaction. There aren’t many voices that sound like his. And that’s fortunate for the four-piece as it leaves your ears yearning for more.

After listening to one of their sessions from Arc House Studios in Kelowna, I learned that Tega and Georges are incredibly unique songwriters. They found a great balance between them to create very unique sounds and great lyrics to match. You can hear influences from Hyukoh to Alabama Shakes; from Two Door Cinema Club to Districts.

“Lost in Talk” is a great debut single for a local band that has already built a strong following. As long as these boys follow with another strong single this year, they can position themselves to play across different festivals and live events in 2019.

Check out the single on all streaming platforms here.

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And if we’re lucky, we may even get an EP from them. Post-Modern connection is definitely one to watch.

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