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Is Lil Hock the Scene's Saviour? [PREMIERE]

You may be familiar with Palehock through his bass loving emphatic sets around YVR, Beatginnings (his collaborative showcase with Sivz) or simply as one of the city's lovable tastemakers always supporting what's new and innovative in the city. We have been given the honor or debuting his latest creation that is Lil Hock.

On the inspiration behind Lil Hock, a fun take on the creative process many choose to follow in today's overflowing rap scene - Palehock says; "this project began when I felt inspired to make my own version of an ignorant rap song. I am a fan of the new wave of rap and wanted to try creating a song influenced by it."

Produced, mixed, mastered and directed by the OG, the song carries lofty electronic snares and drums indicative of Palehock's roots within the headbanging genres of the dance world. Diving deeper than face value and taking a look at the message behind the song - it's clear the creative's intentions are pure - "I have had my own personal struggle with substances and I use my experience to shed light on the topic and share my concerns."

He raps; "and you don’t deserve to lose your nerves,

being irresponsible.

Because anybody can get lost in the sauce

There's a line many of us have crossed"

On the visuals; he notes "the video came about as a joke because I wanted to make myself look as intense as rappers in today's media. I understand the appeal of certain drugs and I am not judging anyone for partaking, I am only asking that people use them carefully."

Check out the boisterous visuals accompanying the song below:

We hope this isn't the the last we see of Lil Hock.

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