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Closing Out the Season with Westward Music Festival

We're in the grasps of fall and with that comes an influx of shows to attend. The curators of Westward have lined up an outstandingly diverse selection of acts for their sophomore city-wide showcase and with tickets selling fast, we're stoked to be attending this year's festivities.

Off the back of an incredibly successful debut, MRG's downtown festival will bring with it a multitude of international and local acts across multiple venues with tickets available for individual shows as well as festival passes. Word to the wise, some shows have already sold out so if you come across a wide selection of acts you're trying to catch - it's best to pick up a wristband.

We've handpicked a selection of acts to check out for you:

Ravyn Lenae

Where: Venue

When: Sept 14th 9pm

Close Talker

Where: Biltmore Caberet

When: Sept 15th 8pm


Where: Venue

When: Sept 16th 7pm


Where: Venue

When Sept 13th 9pm

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