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Artist Profile - The Art of Being HUMANS


With an oversaturation of gimmicky artists and niche genres that are crowding blogs and streaming services alike, it’s critical now more than ever for artists to have a distinct brand and sound. It’s a process of blending genres to speak to the listener’s emotions, reworking familiar sounds in a new package. Amidst this fusion process that we find HUMANS, the self-described ‘indie-electronic’ Vancouver-based duo of Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq.

Their collaborative project is 6 years in the making and quickly gaining traction not just locally, but on an international scale; HUMANS’ recent North American tour brought them to well-known festivals such as Osheaga, SXSW, Shambhala, and the Squamish Valley Music Festival.

Robbie and Peter also earned themselves a 2016 Juno Awards nomination for Electronic Album of the Year, putting them in good company with the likes of fellow Vancouver artists Ryan Hemsworth (2015) and this year’s winner, Pomo.

Public recognition and awards make for easy validation in music, but don’t think for a second that’s HUMANS’ sole motivation for bringing their brand to the masses – it’s about the music and the image that comes with it. The blend of brooding electric bass into indie-influenced riffs gives an edge to a typically upbeat sound reminiscent of acts such as Bob Moses and Harrison Brome, while capturing some of that essence that we know as West Coast vibes.

The brand even comes with its own distinct fashion, creating clothing that perfectly matches their blend of dark electronic and warm indie sounds. It fulfills the underlying aspects of comfort and identity in the brand, leading the listener to visualize nodding along to the beat of ‘Water Water’ while watching as the sun falls past the horizon from Queen Elizabeth Park.

Get the experience yourself and grab tickets for their live performance in Vancouver this Friday, September 9th at the Imperial. Find tickets here.

Also stay updated with where HUMANS are and what they’re up to by following them on their socials by the handle dashumans.

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