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Coffee Talks: So Loki Are Up To Something Different

Haven’t heard of So Loki yet? And you call yourself a Vancouverite? The duo, Sam and Geoff, are blasting through the Vancouver hip-hop scene and the people don’t even know what hit them. So Loki’s dark, entrancing vibe is broken only by the lightness of Sam and Geoffrey’s personalities; with a gritty and grounded sound, which lurks through deep corners of any venue.

We just caught So Loki throwing down a dope deconstructed set at VAL for Chapel Sound’s 4th anniversary party a few weeks ago. They said “We always make it up- it takes the stress off so you can do whatever you want”. This peeked our interest, so we asked them to grab a coffee.

This meet up wasn’t for any of the basic facts though, we wanted to get to know So Loki on a personal, let’s-get-right-down-to-kicking-it level.

“Yeah we wanna stay away from that boring stuff”

“Alright sooo… Ramen or sushi?”

Geoff: “Ramen- I’m Vietnamese soooo how could I not? There’s a place in Metrotown that’s one of my favorites”

Sam: “Sushi for sure…“

Geoff: “Whatever man you only like gyoza”

Prime rib or pork chop?


“So bougie- that kits bougie”

Vancouver or T.O.?

Sam: “ Vancouver for sure, TO has too many of the same fish in one little sea”

Geoff: “ Yeah Van is definitely more easily curatable”

The duo talked about how they are out of the loop with some events going on in Vancouver because they are constantly working and even when they aren’t together, they are still messaging. These two are on the grind.

What was High School like for you guys?

Sam: “ I realized I wanted to do music in like grade 10- so that was it for me and all I remember is that my jeans were too skinny”

Geoff: “ Me too- literally all I remember and my punk band, which I focused on heavily”

What was your first job?

Sam: “ YOOOO Dairy Queen, I applied when I was 12 though but they wouldn’t let me until I had a consent form from my parents when I was 13. There was an Athletes World near my place so I was in it just for the Nike hoodie. Man, 13 slinging cones - shit is hype”

Geoff: “ I worked at McDonalds- hated it- people turn into total dicks when they’re hungry…”

What’s good with the Haribo tweet?

Sam: ” YOOOO Shout out Haribo”

Geoff: “So I was on Instagram and they randomly liked one of our photos so naturally I had to put it on twitter, and when I put it on twitter, they must have had new people working for them or something but they hit us back on twitter with an actual cross from the album cover made out of gummies! And that was like IT. That was hotter than the album... still that’s the latest, we’ll work on Haribo they gonna hook it up."

What did you guys grow up listening to?

Sam: “On the writing side- Gorillaz, Eminem, Prince- my taste for production is all just coming to me especially through working with Geoff, he’s helped me listen to music in a different way”

Geoff: “I think for the core of So-Loki we grew up listening to the same stuff like Kanye and College Dropout , Eminem, so we didn’t know each other at that time but we were on the same plane”

Favorite era of music? 80s or 90s?

“90s for pop- super sexy- but 80s was cool because the pop scene was… ehhhhh actually you know what I would take 90s man, like Brittney was dope man she changed it- NSYNC- TLC- I remember having bootleg Backstreet Boys like it was yesterday”

No Doubt?

“Oh yeah I was the one kid that only knew about No Doubt when Guitar Hero came out like I even got the t-shirt.”

What about Comfort in Chaos?

“This event will be very multifaceted- we're doing surround sound, curating the whole space with projection mapping, instead of outfitting the room in material things- were putting together an avant-garde event - you know, there's gonna be a dress code, theres gonna be a specific feeling we want you to feel, theres gonna be a smell, its gonna be bottom to top. More experienced night than what most people will be getting on Halloween weekend - that’s for sure”

“Its the anti-club event… its something you will never experience and do justice to the music”

You can catch this event on October 28th with the secret location TBA

What advice do you guys have for up and coming artists?

Sam: “I would say your first album doesn’t matter - that’s a big deal – its really just everything anyone is going to tell you literally doesn’t matter, you know? Everyone told us the same shit: move to TO, make it more traditional hip hop style to make it easier for people to digest, but I mean we didn’t do that and its only taken us a year to get to where we are now which is amazing.

Geoff: “Even if your first album doesn’t matter, but you can't stop! You can always work harder, you know? You need to keep your ears open different genres too and be unique and whatever makes you a bit uncomfortable usually that is what you need to be doing- push your own insecurities.”

Do you think you could freestyle right now- no beat?

You can catch their new album “V” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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