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Interview with Will Sparks: Staying Fit, Focused and Inspired.

Considering this was Will’s fourth time in Vancouver, he’s no rookie when it comes to what this city has to offer; he even claimed some of the most magical days of his life have been here, in our backyard, at Whistler Blackcomb. He also enjoys playing shows here knowing it’s the 2nd most livable city in the world, after Melbourne of course.

We caught up with Will before his show and he gave us some inspiring words that he wanted to share with you: aspiring, creative minds.

He says, “These days it’s so much harder to get your name out there and the music industry is growing like crazy. What I did is I didn’t look at anyone else. I didn’t listen to anyone else’s music; I didn’t really take any inspiration either, honestly. I mean, around Melbourne there were only a few DJs and producers that were playing stuff similar to what I wanted to make, so I used that as a base at first.”

Melbourne bounce is now its own genre! What exactly is “Melbourne bounce”?

“I’ve been a part of the Melbourne bounce revolution, it just started as a few dudes around Melbourne making a few simple beats with commercial, well known, rap songs and putting them together. We started just around the city, so it went from that… to putting our own elements in from the Dutch sound you know…. the siren and more perks… and then all of a sudden we started writing chords and melodies! That was the big step; Deorro did that, so I actually was inspired myself. That was the crossover.”

So what’s next for this new and exciting genre?

“What’s to come is already in my laptop.”

Tell us about it

“You know, vocals really influence me, if I hear a good vocal I can write anything around it and make it come to life. I was in LA at KSHMR’s house and we just started writing you know, he’s a freak, within a day, we had a really good platform, a few more tweaks then .”

PSA: Will is not changing his music, he is just adding in new refreshing beats and trying new things and really appreciates his fans growing with him.

So what’s up with the #fitgram?

“Just another passion. I enjoy having the challenge of having a healthy lifestyle, while living in such an unhealthy profession; you can always get it done with the bare minimum. Working out is just SO easy wherever you are. 45 minutes a day, I just want to show people that it’s possible to stay in shape.”

And we hear you have your own line of athletic wear coming out?

“Yes. No one ever made things that I liked to wear, so I made my own. I’m going to share it with the world. Its specific cut, specific length, what people want. I’m really excited and I hope people love it as much as I do.”

For you producers out there:

“Be a peacock!”

“If you’re producing, just get down whatever comes up in your head! Don’t try and copy what’s popular or what someone else is doing or rip something else… that’s not how you are gonna make it.”

“And some will say how can I be unique?”

“Well that’s up to you. Also be smart with who you speak to who you connect with you know someone always knows someone. Start out with little gigs in your area and then just have fun! Make friends and surround yourself with good people; and remember… try to stay ahead of time.”

Check out Will Sparks newest single "Gorilla" with Tyron Hapi

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