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What’s Good – Artists You Need to Know (Ep. 2)

In this series, we’ll be showcasing both up-and-coming and established artists that are putting their influence on the industry in a way that you need to know about.

quickly, quickly

Have you ever heard the saying that whatever you’re doing, there’s always someone younger doing it better? Well, quickly, quickly makes a strong case to prove that point. At 16 he’s boasting a strong catalogue of tracks, a creative mind and a lot of years ahead of him. Check out the samples pulled from everyone’s favourite game show to watch when there’s absolutely nothing else on TV, “Family Feud” for proof. Survey says: this is gold.

lil aaron

lil aaron is that kid in high school who was in a garage punk band and probably started that trend of cutting holes in his jeans before it was appropriated by the fuccbois. He does his own thing and that’s what makes him so appealing. That, and the rap-rock blend of crunching grunge with syrupy flows. He’s been the songwriter and visionary for years behind projects like Icona Pop, Dev, D.R.A.M., and he’s stepped out on his own to share what’s he’s got to say. Play this EP, embody the punk spirit and take some wisdom from lil aaron : GET RICH & DIE.


The future bass sound, popularized by Marshmello, is very much alive right now and Pluto is chiseling out his own place in the scene. Most recently, his collab with fellow producer ye. (pronounced yea) “Breath” has been supported by trap giant Trap Nation and the dons The Chainsmokers. He also has a new track dropping on his page this week so be sure to head over and get your fill of these sweet sugary sounds.

Ellie Herring

If there’s one thing you can expect to be consistent from Ellie’s productions, is that you won’t be getting the same song twice from her; and that’s a good thing. This epp and flow through a wide range of dance music has earned her recognition from blogs like Nest HQ and XLR8R. It also brings a level of excitement to open a new track from Ellie, like opening presents on Christmas Day – you’re not sure what exactly is underneath the wrapping, but you know that whatever it is, it’s going to get you moving. Watch for her new EP ‘What A Joy’, dropping November 17th on Driftless Records.

Lou Phelps

You might not know Lou Phelps yet, but you probably know his big brother Kaytranada. It seems the creative gene runs in the family - the rapper & DJ has silky smooth flows as witnessed below. He says that this track “Tell Me” is “all the behbi girls out here that don’t know what they want in life.” So stop playing and just tell Lou you want more of these bars already.


Grab your bucket hat and get into your feelings with the darker side of hip-hop. win32 brings a heavy-hitting collection of rap remixes, originals, and all-around bangers, each taking you on the audio equivalent of a oxy trip 3 minutes at a time. He has a full EP coming down the pipeline in December, but until then there’s plenty of material to hold you over and get your fix.

Title artwork from win32

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