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RENDRD Recap: 8 Artists Who Inspired Us in 2016

RENDRD has only been around for 4 months and we have had the opportunity to work with an elite roster of local and international faces. From REZZ, DESTRUCTO and TroyBoi to Vancouver rising stars So Loki, I M U R, and Blank Banshee.

If you look up these names, you'll find their faces, a bio, and probably a bunch of interviews talking about the same three things: "How did you become famous? What are your upcoming releases? Who are you working with next?" This is why we have always focused on exposing their intimate and unexplored personalities, their underlying passions and their artistic inspirations.

These are the artists who inspire us to deliver unique content to the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the world. This list will only get bigger and bigger (just like our pant sizes during this holiday season). Sit back and enjoy some of our best memories and interviews from 2016.


We met Troy at Shambhala Music Festival. How? Well his trailer was right next to ours so our crew bonded for the four days. We also got to catch up with him in the UK at Read and Leeds Festival where we chatted about his preference in fashion and style. Finally, we met him twice during his Mantra Tour stops in Toronto and Vancouver. Troy is one of the most down-to-earth and modest artists we have ever worked with and look forward to see more of him in 2017.


After we saw REZZ debut at FVDED in the Park we had no doubt she would destroy the Pagoda Stage at Shambhala Music Festival; and that was the case. She had us to her "Something Wrong Here" EP release party in Toronto where she also left the crowd both perplexed and craving more bass.


Garry Richards, also known as DESTRUCTO, is one-man-army. His willingness to play 7 hour sunrise sets proves his passion for his craft. We sat down with him during his Renegade Tour and discussed his roots as an entrepreneur, his future plans for HolyShip! and how his 20 year journey to the top made him the man he is today.

So Loki

Sam and Geoff made some big moves in 2016. From features with Noisey to hosting Owake Record's Halloween experience Comfort in Chaos, the duo is only getting started. We sat down with So Loki to discuss their preference for the West coast scene, its future and got to know their warm and charismatic personalities.

Will Sparks

Australia's biggest DJ celebrity, Will Sparks, came through Canada this pass Fall. Will gave upcoming producers some words of wisdom on how to stay humble, fit and inspired; three qualities that are often hard to balance when you decide to go after your passion (hence the pants joke earlier).


We got to meet I M U R (pronounced: I am you are) at their performance at Fox Cabaret earlier this year, also got to see them opening for none other than Lido later on. Their sound is soothing, their branding aesthetic (as fuck) and personality genuine, making them not only genuine artists, but great people to talk to! If you see them at their next show, make sure to hit them up for a guaranteed laugh... or you could also sign up for their just-as-hilarious newsletter here.

Blank Banshee

Photo: Lindsey's Diet

The internet has birthed an plethora of underground talent. From Soundcloud artists to Reddit movements such as Vaporwave. This year we got to interview anonymous producer Blank Banshee, and talk about his influence in the Vancouver underground scene and his new album MEGA. Check it out here!


Autograf is the epitome of a thriving collective: three very talented musicians and visual artists who have developed their own sound, branding, and space for other artists to collaborate in (Future Factory). We got to chat with Mikul from Autograf about what it takes to be a multi-faceted artist and staying inspired. Check it out here!

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