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RENDRD Radar: be Kareful, it's Glacci

Here at RENDRD, we’ve been studying our demographic and checking out what you vibe with the most. With that in mind, over the past few months we’ve been looking at putting a spotlight on creatives from abroad that resonate with our philosophies and we trust you’ll dig. As we look to share with our readers and listeners art which inspires us and shapes our identity, it only makes sense to showcase others from around the world and maybe you'll come across something that'll have you catching a vibe and getting inspired too.

Let's kick things off with a couple artists that have been developing major clout over in the UK and ought to be on your radar this year.

A pioneer of the wave genre (& movement) currently proliferating London’s underground, Jude Leigh-Kaufman aka Kareful has watched his stock go from one height to the next both as a producer and DJ. 2016 saw the release of his ethereal debut album Deluge under Trapdoor records.

Having started producing in his early teens trying to emulate the sounds of his favorite dubstep, trap and dub artists, Kareful ultimately carved his own lane and defined a unique style that is synonymous with the burgeoning internet genre.

Moody, dark and low-tempo melodies with haunting samples that are chopped, screwed and reversed; chances are your favorite DJ will be adding in some of his heaters into their set so keep your ear out. Though nothing is finalized, stay vigilant for potential shows and tour dates coming up this year in Canada and America.

For now, keep up by tuning in to his monthly show Liquid Ritual on Radar Radio.

Visuals by Wyatt Dixon


Grime has been in blossom over the past 2 years and has shone a light

on the London and UK scene as a whole. One creative that's conjuring up their own distinct flavor of grime melodies, and with it a quickly expanding following, is Glacci.

From the city of Nottingham, Kyle Cook, or Glacci, is on track to make 2017 one for the books for him already, and have a conversation with him and it’s evident to see why. With an unshakable work ethic paired with clinical production skills, he’s just premiered his Lucid EP through Terrorhythm Recordings’ soundcloud. The project takes you on a masterful journey guided by spritely synths and snappy drum loops.

With a scheduled release date of February 29th and an album set to release not long after, expect to hear, and see lot more of this cat.

If you're in London, catch both artists performing for free(!!) this Saturday 21st at The Alibi in Dalston at Kasey Jones' EP Launch.

Visuals by Tom Comery

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