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RENDRD PSA: to Every Artist Following Their Dream


What is the hardest thing about being a musician?

Getting your music out there.

The challenges of an aspiring musician or artist are all too real. In an oversaturated industry, it can be challenging to stand out. So how do you sell your music?

Artists like you are constantly faced with the decision between conforming to mainstream music standards or keeping the integrity of your vision and art intact.

At the end of the day, someone has what you want. Someone has the ability to offer you a contract, a job, a record deal. Meanwhile, you want people to experience your vision every time they plug in their headphones or buy a ticket to your show. So how do you influence people with your art and skill to make a difference, to make an impact and to achieve the things you care about.

Here at RENDRD we understand the challenges you face and we are passionate about solving them. We believe in innovation that furthers the artistic form.

We are extremely excited to introduce a partnership with Novamix - a startup and team from the University of Calgary that will transform the way you share your music and the way people interact with your art.

This new concept and team from the Haskayne School of Business, backed by private capital and innovative IP, is turning heads with a creative solution to dramatically streamline the creative process. Novamix has been invited to participate in the RBC Fast Pitch Competition finals where some of the top startups in Alberta compete. The Novamix team has had DJs, producers, Phd programmers, and general music listeners work with the program to bring you an exciting opportunity to generate and share content more efficiently than ever.

Our team of creatives have been going back and forth with Novamix in order to redefine the way we interact with music. Over the next few months, we will be working closely together to bring you what you really need - a solution that helps you generate and share your curated content with the world.

Our goal is to introduce a new platform in creativity that will allow artists to explore freedom within their craft.

Stay tuned for things to come!

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