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The Do's and Dont's of Coachella First Weekend

Do: 1) Buy a fucking shuttle pass! That shit is inexpensive and gets you out of the festival grounds quickly, it's also an easy way to save money that you'll want to spend elsewhere (see no. 8). 2) Download Uber. (Yes, even if you're from a town where it's still a myth...) 3) Bring a Camel pack. (Unless it doesn't match with your outfit...) Most revellers like to fill it with kombucha or Yerba mate to keep them going whilst simultaneously detoxing and not appropriating culture in any way. If you spot a 5 meter radial dancing congregation around a camel pack, chances are it's molly water, how you use this info is on you...

4) Pack shoes you don't mind getting dirty. There was a running theme of white CDG vans, Y-3 Qasas and Yeezy's. Just remember:The more careless you seem about your poor decisions, the better. 5) Download the Coachella App. If you love pretending to schedule your day and realizing you can't be everywhere at once, there's an app for that! 6) Bring a Battery pack. Well duh, how are you going to let the world know you're at Coachella without juice?! 7) Look into your roaming/data situations: I have Rogers (I know, I suck) but their 'Roam Like Home' plan is actually very handy***. All data, calls, text, for CAD 5/day *** will update y'all after my bill comes out 🙃 8) Bring enough cash: be prepared to pay 12-16 USD per meal. 9) Bring a gas mask or a bandana: yes, it's a desert.

Don't: 10) Bring any jackets or sweaters: it's a fucking desert. 11) Depend on Uber. Surge prices can go up to x5. Pro tip: when shit hits the fan, Uber Black can be cheaper than UberX and the line is shorter. Oh did I mention get a fucking shuttle pass or you'll be stuck in 3 hr lines?! 12) Bring your fancy DSLR. Chances are you're gonna get held up at the door unless you have media credentials. But there's an inverse correlation between the amount of fucks given by security and how close they are from finishing their shift, so you might get lucky. 13) Try to meet up with people you haven't seen in ages. Cell towers collapse when 70k people gather in one stage, and everyone's wearing the same shit, so good luck finding Maria from your first year Intro to Bio class.

14) Underestimate the power of your pass: I was given a wristband with an A on it, which I didn't know stood for "artist" until my second night 15) Be afraid to roam around solo and go with the flow! It's never easy to snap, walk and see where your friends went... So just embrace it *** *** For tips on how to up your focusing capacity, refer to our extensive guide here.

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