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Angst Releases Loser EP and the Internet Rejoices

Angst has been cultivating his sound over the span of 2 years. That's right, 2 years on a mixtape, and when you have a listen you'll get a sense of why. The work guides you very much like an album, taking the listener through a narrative all too common for the kids that never really fit in anywhere except for sub-cultures on the world wide web. Riddled with anxiety, depression, heartache and woe - the work is a timely example of the kind of diaspora felt by youth everywhere.

Having already garnered somewhat of a reputation as a producer in circles with the likes of Gin$eng (part of Famous Dex' camp) and gosuto, Angst was picked up by Andishae, manager of Killy & Tommy Genesis, after an introduction at a TG concert. He, quite literally, found his voice; “I started recording and I guess people liked it, so I did it more often to the point where I am now.” Even when he held back 6 months without dropping anything on his personal Soundcloud, Angst would appear here and there on tracks found across his collaborators' channels.

Loser sounds like today. Not 2017, but a clear amalgamation of the contemporaries of yesteryear. At 25 minutes, I really suggest you download the work on Spotify/iTunes/Soundcloud and digest it over your commute. 2018 is looking like an exciting year for Pacific North West talent.

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Words by Darc Jacobs

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