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Una Mey Wants You to Tell Her You Notice

2018 has seen Una Mey flutter to newer heights with the well deserved success of multiple singles across Spotify. Today sees another release from the songstress in the form of Butterflies & Red Wine.

The electronic ballad captures the all too familiar feeling of misery and neglect that stem from the unrealistic standards set by society. The record speaks of the difference between real life beauty and fabricated ideas pulled from pages. If there's one thing in this world everyone deserves, it's love. The highs of Mey's unique voice balance the sultry deep melodies of the beat (produced by Roka).

Marked as the first single from her debut EP, we are excited beyond measure to see what else is in store for the rising star. We're torn between; telling the person who keeps breaking her heart whether stop or to keep up the work that has her producing such masterfully emotive projects...

Stream the song and check out the rest of Una Mey's music on Spotify/Apple/Soundcloud/YouTube

Images shot by Jjevvv

Scribbed by Darc Jacobs aka The Darc Lord

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