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On Scene with: I M U R

Photo: Kyle James-Patrick Photography

We caught up with I M U R at the Fox Cabaret this past Wednesday, September 14th alongside fellow performers Zac McMillan and Goodwood Atoms. The group’s setup included a trio of performers - Mikey J. Blige on the guitar/drum machine, Jenny Lea on the keyboard/vocals, and Simple Machines on violin/bass. I M U R's live act has gathered a lot of attention in the past year since their debut EP, titled “Slow Dive”. Self-describing their sound as “future soul”, the group noticeably draws influences from a variety of genres such as 90’s hip hop, progressive/indie pop and chill electronic.

The hour long performance was played entirely live, with Mikey J remixing vocals and drum loops in between guitar riffs. Jenny Lea’s vocals were full and rich, the intimate lyrics a perfect fit for weaving through the melodies. Special guests and friends Creed Taylor and Tee Krispil of the People North West were also brought on stage to lay down some energizing bars over I M U R’s tracks. The overall experience was a great combination of soulful grooves, held together with flawless live mixing. I M U R’s live sets are ideal for those wishing to see an electronic act that plays in the moment.

You can catch I M U R’S next performance at the Vancouver Art & Leisure Centre for Chapel Sound’s 4th year celebration September 30th. Get a feel of their sound below:

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