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Dinner with Autograf: Upcoming Releases, Tour Announcement, and More.

Autograf caught our attention when they first came to Vancouver with Klingande in 2015. We also witnessed their massive and loyal fanbase filling up the Pagoda Stage at Shambhala Music Festival (photo above). Finally, last week, we had the pleasure of sitting down over some calamari and cocktails with Mikul Wing, a visual artist from Chicago, and one of the three members of Autograf.

Autograf started as a collective like most interesting collaborations these days. A few years back, Louis and Mikul were a duo known as Midnight Conspiracy. They both were attracted to the integration of music and visual arts. Together they worked on music and visual arts projects, including welding sculptures out of metal for a “Daft Punk aesthetic". Then, they figured they should make a name for “whatever it was that they were creating”. This is when they came up with the Warhol-inspired pop art soup can that had become iconic to their brand, and added third member Jake Carpenter (also a talented sculptor and musician).

In their walk-in installation, they set up their space “Boiler room” style so people could walk 360° around the massive soup piece.


Bartender: “We have a buffalo trace bourbon here with fresh apple shrub and orange bitters for you.”


“Now Mikul, tell us about Future Factory?”

Future Factory: wants to facilitate art and music that's corresponding with each other. This art space and now music label is located in Chicago, IL. Autograf’s “Don’t Worry “ upcoming music video will feature this space through the use of street art installations.

One of the coolest things about Autograf? Other than the fact that they started as a collective of visual artists, they play their sets live. In fact, Autograf will be adding several new instruments into their upcoming tour, to create a more eclectic assortment. These include a two-octave keyboard, as well as tenor quad drums, which, that’s right Jake will be wearing around his neck.


Server: “The grilled squid for you.”

“FANTASTIC presentation”

“What the hell is this other part here? Is this squid too?”

“You try it first!”

“...Nope, nope I think its potato.”

Any new releases?

“Nobody Knows” and “Future Sauce” will be Autograf’s next singles. Future sauce, a bit different from their previous track “Future Soup” will have an Andy vibe sriracha bottle as he single cover that Autograf created themselves.


“ Wait, what kind of mushrooms are those?”

“Love a good Portobello.”

“ Is it shiitaki... I hate mushrooms.”

“ I’m not sure if its shiitaki.”

“ I don’t know why but I feel like they are shiitake.”

“ It’s been decided they are shiitake, we’ve decided.”

Autograf and Goldroom's both "love to play live and emanate great vibes", which naturally explains why they decided to create a tour together. They are stopping all over the United States and Canada. Catch them at Imperial November 11 and get your tickets here . We promise you won’t be disappointed.

“Which sauce am I going for here?”

“ Just eat it.”

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