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Top 8 Listicles to Share as Soon as Your Year Abroad is Over

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Ah, the sweet zeniths of my year spent living in a foreign land. I learned so much about others and myself -- I felt compelled to share. If you’re like me and have a plethora of followers putting you on their blogroll, you’ll need some method, some means of communicating your experience to the mundane domestic world.

To do this, you’ll probably need a shit-ton of travel articles.’s 100 Reasons to Study Abroad

Who said you can have too much of a good thing?


Woah! Thank god I won’t be making any of those mistakes!

In case you were planning on writing one yourself!

Still on the fence? Check it out!

I’d recommend this one to first time abroaders.

Got a trip planned in the next month? Read this Buzzfeed piece!

So blessed.

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