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Woman who Said She ‘Completely Agrees’ did not Completely Agree


Citing a need to find common ground in their argument, Vancouver woman Melissa Yang began a 100% rebuttal of her friend’s statement with “I completely agree.”

The argument began innocently enough when Yang made a statement about some of the differences she found between men and women. At that moment, her male friend Alan Dexter threw out “well, actually,” as a warning shot, and followed through with a few points of his own.

Although irked by a number of his statements, Yang argued against him in a manner meant to keep the peace.

“I respect your opinion,” she began. Placed before her crucial “but”, the phrase was seemingly meant to extend an olive branch towards Dexter. Unfortunately, this white flag was ignored in its entirety.

Choosing to go on the offensive, Dexter began the next line of attack with a scorcher: “I’m not sure you have that quite right,” he began, before sharing a selection of Yang’s premises that he had an issue with. Most of these premises were central to Yang’s argument (and greater worldview), but she still sought to find common ground.

“I completely agree,” she began, internally rolling her eyes so hard she could hurt herself. Despite having the opposite viewpoint from her friend on a growing list of issues, Yang felt a desire to bring it together. She then carefully made a point for point rebuttal of his entire argument, complete with sources and citations.

Faced with overwhelming evidence contrary to his argument, Dexter conceded that “we’ll have to agree to disagree.”

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