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UBC Contemporary Art Exhibit: "Body Body Party Party"

Julia Wakeling and Hannah Marsland are the creators of the new exhibit,“Body Body Party Party”, opening in the Hatch Art Gallery, located in UBC’s NEST. They describe their project as a “consideration of sensitive feminine topics via a thematic aesthetic of celebration, focusing on linguistic interpretations of contemporary womanhood and personal reflection of the artists' experiences as girls and women.” The exhibit will also feature window art created by Amna Elnour.

We sat down with Hannah and Julia to get some insight into their project, their choice of mediums, and how they enjoy collaborating.

The event description mentions a desire to make the viewers feel somewhat uncomfortable with your exhibit. Why do you think this will help with the interpretation of the project?

Hannah: Really, it’s relatively simple. We’d like the discomfort that women experience on a daily basis to resonate with the viewers. We are not trying to emulate the same exact state of being that the pieces are about; but more draw attention to the unjust positions women and female identified members of society are subject to.

Julia: If our audience accepts that the subject matter presented in the exhibition is sensitive and allows for themselves to feel how they would honestly feel when discussing said topics, it is easier to create an open dialogue.

How did you decide on the variety of mediums for presenting the topic?

Hannah: Personally, I tend to start with a concept and then take it from there in terms of how the idea will physically manifest itself. Idea first, medium later!

Julia: We chose mediums that are fun, loud, and traditionally used to connote parties and congratulatory events to draw the viewer in. Happy and bright things are often more initially appealing than subdued colors or materials.

How did you and Hannah like collaborating? Are you looking to do any projects together in the future?

Julia: We love working together! We have very similar studio practices and artistic theories in addition to passions about some interconnected subject matter. The two of us also share a studio space in Acme Studios, so while most works were individual pieces we were always together while creating them. We coordinated the theme and theory behind each of the pieces together to create a cohesive body of work.

Over the next few weeks we plan on working together on a few different projects. Next, we are creating a zine together to show and sell at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair from Oct 14th-16th. After our current show wraps up, we plan on creating an artist-run project space for students and young artists. We’re looking to create an accessible platform for workshops and short-term solo/group exhibitions for local artists.

Julia is originally from Oakland, California and finishing a joint degree in Geography/Fine Arts. Hannah is from Bury St. Edmunds, England and is completing her degree in Fine Arts.

The exhibit will be kicking off with an opening party Thursday, October 6th from 5-8PM in the Hatch Gallery. Check out the link below for further information and details.

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