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WOW: This Guy Dismantles Power Structures Without Ever Leaving His Computer!


Coal Harbour, VANCOUVER

A local man, furious with the institutions of power that are both old and new, knew it would be no easy feat to take even a single one down. After all, what is just one man supposed to do when challenged by a whopping behemoth of power? Be it a media giant, rising grassroots organizations, or the government itself -- it’ll take a lot of courage to face.

When he began to understand the insurmountable odds measured against his success, Coal Harbour resident Arthur Cheng could’ve taken the easy route. Instead, he eviscerated them through every single avenue he knew: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and his personal blog. Did he go on mobile? Nah. This magnificent son of a bitch did it all from the comfort of his basement desktop computer.

He clicked, he read, he shared. And attached a polemic unmatched in fury since the last time he pulled this.

“Guys, I am LITERALLY shaking right now,” Cheng wrote, before diving into his epic tirade. After that, you’ll have to click on ‘see more’. Yeah, that’s right, this balls-out maniac went there.

Armed only with an insatiable appetite to assert his natural rights, Cheng charged on. He knew that his caps lock was a cruise control for cool, but he still managed to steer. Liberal use of it would look silly.

“I just can’t believe that people are still thinking like this right now,” he continued. “And others are ignoring just about every issue. Are you gonna bark all day, like little dogs, or are you gonna bite?”

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