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Prisma App Now Turns Video Into Moving Paintings

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Prisma, the app that offers users the algorithmic ability to transform their photos into paintings in the style of the great masters, now works on videos as well.

The newly updated app can finally convert video as well as photos. For now you can take a 15-second clip and transform it into a moving painting with one of 9 filters, but more filters and features are on their way. And while the processing does take some serious computing power (and time), thanks to the Prisma developers’ hard work, the feature works 100% offline.

Here’s a sample they posted to their Instagram account:

Some of the first Prisma “videos” were timelapses painstakingly converted frame-by-frame by dedicated photographers who wanted to give the idea a try. This update makes sure you don’t have to tap your fingers raw to do this anymore.

The latest version of Prisma is only available for iOS (for now) and video editing will only work with iPhone 6 or newer. To try it out for yourself, either update your app or give Prisma a download from the iTunes App Store.

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