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Dinner with Juelz: OWSLA, NEST HQ, Brownies and Lemonade

An artist that takes food over coffee or drinks is our kind of human. We took out local producer Julian Ching, known as Juelz, for a little dinner at The Greek by Antinoli in Yaletown to get the scoop on what’s coming up for him.

He grew up playing N64, Zelda of course, and watching CBC because his parents didn’t believe in cable. He went to high school in North Van and played rugby and continued on to UVIC and then transferred to SFU. He decided SFU wasn’t for him and dropped out to focus on something else. Now, his hobby is producing... that’s it. He wants to completely focus on music in his spare time from his day job.

What do you have coming up this weekend in your trip to LA?

“Playing the Brownies and Lemonade Halloween show this weekend in LA... it’s kind of like the hub of promoters for the music that I make or listen to. I know for example they had Louis the Child and Lido at their shows in the past so it’s just that kind of thing. So this week I’m playing their Halloween party with Alexander Lewis, graves and SALVA is the headliner.”

“This trip will be a busy one because ill be getting in the studio with Alexander Lewis and Falcons, which I’ve actually done a track with before called Gyal Dem Move”

And how’d you get to know these people?

“I met up with Graves (Christian) and he was playing a show in Vancouver and he emailed me a couple days before saying lets link, so we hopped in the studio together. We made something pretty cool and we really hit it off. He’s from Hawaii so you know he’s super dope, and now we actually have the same manager.”

What about your Vancouver crew?

“Ekali... Nathans the homie... if it weren’t for Nathan I don’t think anyone would know my music, he really helped me get off the ground. Do you remember 303? The club? It was the COOLEST club. RIP to 303! But I just met Nathan there just through mutual friends and then I made music for a while that wasn’t that good and then I made a song that he finally liked “Cocaine”.


Juelz just got featured on Owsla’s weekend mix and Nest HQ.

“Its hard to tell what specifically has brought me recognition but I’m definitely stoked right now because I have a bunch of bigger artists supporting me now by reposting my songs.”

*** Interruption***

“Are you guys ready to order?”

“The octopus looks pretty good... I don't know if you’re into that?”

“I’m the least picky eater but ehhh… ill take prawns instead... but wait it has ouzo sauce, which I think is like black licorice... do you like black licorice?”

“Not really but lets do it.”

So who are these bigger artists?

“ Well I wouldn’t really say you know BIG overall, but big in the genre that I’m in… Like KRNE, graves, and Alexander Lewis”

“So what exactly is that genre?”

“You cant classify it really... like electronic influence with huge hip hop and dance hall influence sort of like trap.”

Upcoming shows?

Supporting Ekali on 3 more shows: Vancouver Seattle and Kelowna

Juelz will be dropping consistent bangers for the next while and is actually making his first music video for one of his songs, Cocaine, so keep an eye out in the early New Year. He’s also working on his branding to get his logo solidified, refining the look he already has. Going for a slightly allusive vibe to craft the visual identity that he wants to portray to the world.

Let's talk about your latest release “Whine & Kotch”

“How do you say it?”


“So what’s kotch mean?”

“The song is a remix of a song by Charly Black and J Chapri, rest in peace. Kotch is another variation for whine... so Jamaican people like whine… like I'll just have to show you… I’ve been trying to make more dance hall influenced songs, like Drake. You know, it's appropriate; same with Tory Lanes”


“Little hummus and pita for you guys to start off”

Influences in your life?

“My biggest influence is hands down Mr.Carmack. He’s the God but I tend not to look for every day things or people to influence me. You know, life is just one big fluke that were all here so make the best of it…”

Thoughts on Vancouver?

“Ekali and I were talking on the weekend and I was asking him why he never moved to LA; he said that Vancouver was a part of him and who he has become. So I definitely see where he’s coming from there and we are so lucky to live here.”

Upcoming artists Juelz says to look out for: Landyn, No Will, Shaunic, and Lentra


“Heres the prawns guys!”

“Smells so fucking good”

“Mmm yeah it does, I don’t think this tastes like black licorice”

So, it looks like we will get to keep this gem for a while; and next time you’re at one of his shows, see if you can peep his dad in the background supporting.

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