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Shambhala Live Presents: Sub Focus at The Village Stage

There isn't better way to prepare us for our upcoming Shambhala Documentary than re-living the experience from the comfort of your home?

Shambhala Films has announced the first in a series of full set recordings from the 19th Annual 2016 Shambhala Music Festival, what they're calling, Shambhala Live. Their premiere show features UK drum and bass legend Sub Focus, who headlined The Village Stage on a hot and steamy Saturday night in early August, 2016. With eight different camera angles, highlighted by drone, cable cam and cinematographers embedded in the crowd, the goal was capture the insane audio visual explosion that is The Village Stage.

So sync the big screen, plug in the best speakers you’ve got, invite the friends over, hey, raise a funky sign or two, the next hour and a half is pure jungle music bliss. Join us as we relive one of Shambhala 2016’s most memorable sets—Sub Focus at The Village Stage on Shambhala Live.

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