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Comfort in Chaos Challenged Creative Boundaries This Halloween [Photos]

Photo: Alexia Agouridis

Over the Halloweekend, So Loki and Owake Records hosted a secret location event: Comfort in Chaos. It was an immersive experience, to say the least. Only permitted to enter if you were dressed fully in black, every attendee was also given a gold mask, making each person essentially unrecognizable.

Photo: Alexia Agouridis

Why the masked audience?

“We want you to be yourselves, dance how you want, move how you want, with no judgment.”

- Sam, So Loki

So Loki put on a show with dark beats, raw lyricism, and intensive energy- a truly profound experience, forcing everyone in the crowd to fiercely sway to the underground vibes. With Geoff pushing out killer melodies and Sam ripping up the stage, shirtless and rapping, So Loki as a duo does not seem like they’re simply a local act. Challenging the talent from places like Toronto, LA, and even New York, this duo is a force to be reckoned with.

As Sam eloquently put it, “They told us to go to Toronto, we said FUCK THAT” because So Loki believes that Vancouver is a place full of talent, with so many things to see and do and the spotlight should be brought to the west coast and we couldn’t agree more.

So Loki, accompanied by opening act Chelsea Grimm and Phaneron, set the atmosphere at Comfort in Chaos from the moment guests walked in. Everything was part of the mood, from the lighting to the artwork, plus a giant image of Sam and Geoff on the wall, with nothing moving except their blinking eyes. You could tell it took an army of 20 creative minds to assemble something so refreshing.

This event set a precedent for Vancouver’s underground music scene with a sold out show. Check out their Soundcloud and keep a look out for future So Loki events, because trust me, an experience like this is something you don’t wanna miss.

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