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Launch of Beatginnings to Take Upcoming DJs & Producers from the Bedroom to the Booth

While Vancouver offers a lucrative nightlife scene with electronic music booming out of most mainstream and underground venues, getting booked for shows as a DJ or Producer is a harder struggle than most would imagine. Facing plenty of competition, a strong referral system and few vacancies to take the spotlight with leading event companies, artists are struggling to play enough shows, or even any, to establish true names for themselves in the scene.

Two local DJs and producers are making efforts to change that. Sylva Sivz and Angelo Daniele (better known in the scene as Sivz and Palehock) have teamed up to start Beatginnings, a new night of musical opportunity bringing upcoming DJs & Producers from the bedroom to the booth.

Palehock is an active member of the Vancouver nightlife scene, regularly throwing his own shows across popular venues and spending the rest of his time writing original, clever and taste-making music in studio. Sivz is a gig-busy Blueprint-affiliated DJ holding her residency at underground gem, MIA and has recently made a foray into production herself.

" became very obvious that we had to start something the city's music scene was yearning for"

Stemming from different backgrounds, the journey of both artists into the spotlight was a long one.

Palehock made the move to Vancouver from a small town in Ontario. As a huge contributor to his scene, he threw frequent nights and gave many newcomers the chance to play their first shows.

“Although I had 3+ years of DJing experience, hosted weekly shows as well as weekend residences. It proved challenging to get opportunities in Vancouver,” he explains “I went to many shows supporting and meeting as many people as I could. Even with connections, people were hesitant to book me because of my varied style and unique original music.”

“I certainly didn’t start DJing overnight,” Says Sivz “I spent a good 4 years building my network as a clubber and promoter learning “who I needed to know” in the scene almost like a science. Not everyone has the thick skin and persistence but can be just as talented, and deserve the same opportunity to play.”

“I recently met a DJ from Calgary with over 10 years of experience, who since moving to Vancouver a year and a half ago hadn’t played a single show,” She continues “It just didn’t seem right to me. I wanted to help him and many more in similar circumstances.”

“The second Sivz approached me with her idea and we put our heads together, it became very obvious that we had to start something the city's music scene was yearning for” says Palehock.

Set to launch on November 18th in the Fortune Soundclub Livestock Room, Beatginnings is a 100% submit-to-play event welcoming all levels and styles of music. Each month, the night will book 3 local DJs + 1 guest DJ to play 1 hour slots.

“We really wanted to make it a point not to fall into the trap of booking our friends or becoming exactly what we’re trying to defeat in the scene,” says Sivz “We listen to every submission, welcome all levels and styles and are making sure there is absolutely no favouritism in who we book.”

Drawing attendees from their extensive networks, Sivz & Palehock will not only be offering performance slots but the opportunity to meet influencers in the scene. So far, the response to the new night has been immensely positive.

“For years it's been next to impossible to get a DJ gig in Vancouver unless you know the right people OR there are awesome opportunities like this and occasional DJ contests that happen.” Says Aly Abji, a popular Vancouver DJ “I'm sure this will receive overwhelming support and lots of talented local artists will come out of the woodwork.”

“My phone is constantly receiving updates and submissions from new people and each person is a great new artist with awesome musical flavour.” Says Palehock “I love the idea that artists we help will go on and become accomplished in town and beyond!”

To submit for next month’s Beatginnings event, like the Beatginnings page to find out when the next round of submissions are open.

Interested and want to find out more? Drop the team a line at

With the first lineup announced last Friday, here's a preview of what to come from the artists debuting at the November 18th:

Arron Hanford aka HAND4D

Troy Peakman aka TRONN

Sean Buckland aka MIDAS

There'll also be a special guest DJ set by Handsome Tiger

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