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99 Tips for Focusing in the Attention Economy

  1. Keep your head up, don’t look down at your screen all the time.

  2. If you find yourself scrolling mindlessly, cut it out.

  3. Take your notes on paper rather than on your laptop. Doing something physical will further ingrain the idea in your mind.

  4. Write your assignments on paper instead of on Google Docs.

  5. Try to avoid craning your neck to read overly long listicles. It’s bad for your neck and bad for your vision!

  6. Apps such as Flux can help to keep your eyes from being overstimulated.

  7. Apps like ‘Waste no time” can help out a lot with time management. Block easily ‘scrollable’ sites to stay on target for your goals.

  8. Don’t listen to music with lyrics while you read or do homework.

  9. When you do work, keep distracting items (phones) out of sight.

  10. When you read something, take notes on it in the real world to create a real life anchor for those memories.

  11. When you find the information that matches what you’re looking for in an article, just scroll all the way to the end and read the closing argument. Learn how to skim!

  12. Try to get someone else’s attention. If you can acquire it, you can harness it for yourself.

  13. Strengthen your focus by focusing on two things at once at all times.

  14. Think about how good it’ll feel to finally achieve your goal.

  15. With positive visualization like that, you’ll be more focused on achieving that goal.

  16. Think expansively about the goals you’ll have to achieve after achieving what you are currently set out to achieve.

  17. Take notes on this article.

  18. Read self-help blogs.

  19. Take notes on self-help blogs.

  20. If you find yourself staring downwards at your screen, practice head lifts.

  21. Practice head lifts by nodding vigorously.

  22. When working in the real world, do so by alternating 30 minutes of real life effort with 10 minutes of digital dopamine stimulation.

  23. Practice other types of reward systems. Here are some examples:

  24. Candy reward system: eat candy when you reach a goal.

  25. Food reward system: eat food when you reach a goal.

  26. Caffeine reward system: have a cup of coffee when you reach a goal.

  27. Mirror reward system: look in the mirror when you reach a goal.

  28. Sex reward system: have sex when you reach a goal.

  29. Notification reward system: check your phone when you reach a goal.

  30. Video game rewards system: play a video game when you reach a goal. Achieving tangible goals is possible even online!

  31. Masturbation reward system: masturbate when you reach a goal.

  32. Drug reward system: do drugs when you reach a goal.

  33. Don’t be afraid to leave your phone at home.

  34. People can still reach you on your walkie-talkie.

  35. Every time you read a bullet on this list, write it down.

  36. If you find yourself drooling, you’ve gone too far.

  37. Practice ‘phone throws’ for when your phone vibrates and frightens you.

  38. Read blogs about time management.

  39. Take notes on blogs about time management.

  40. Avoid having your personality based online.

  41. Avoid having your personality based on memes.

  42. Avoid having your personality anchored to things that don’t exist in the real world.

  43. Read a book.

  44. Take notes on the book.

  45. Watch a movie.

  46. Take notes on the movie.

  47. Read the biography of someone more successful than you.

  48. Take notes on their life.

  49. Go for a walk – leave the phone at home!

  50. Have a beer.

  51. Have a glass of water.

  52. Have a joint.

  53. Masturbation reward system: masturbate when you reach a goal.

  54. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, if you find your gears grinding; go outside and breathe the brisk outside air. It will remind you that you don’t live in a vast computer simulation.

  55. Train your focus even harder by focusing on at least three things at once.

  56. Multi-task.

  57. Masturbate again.

  58. When you pee, if you pee standing up, pick one spot in the toilet bowl to pee in by focusing on it visually. When you train your penis to match the desired function of your eye, you strengthen penis-eye coordination. This is integral to learning how to control your mind. If you pee sitting down, I really don’t know what you should do.

  59. Have another cup of coffee.

  60. Do not focus on mundane tasks like cleaning your room. It will sort itself out eventually.

  61. Take out your headphones.

  62. Stop reading poorly written things. It destroys your ability to appreciate good ones!

  63. Strategize with a short to-do list.

  64. Your to-do list should be short.

  65. It should not be redundant.

  66. It should have 4 items on it, max.

  67. When you’re done with your to-do list, tear it up.

  68. Hunt for wild animals.

  69. Build a house.

  70. Take notes on your house.

  71. Start a business.

  72. Take notes on your business.

  73. Change your LinkedIn profile picture. When you LinkedIn is tidy, you will have a more tidy mind.

  74. Delete as many old files from your computer as possible. A clean hard drive makes for a clean and fast internet experience, allowing you to get more done when you have to use your phone.

  75. Masturbation reward system: masturbate when you reach a goal.

  76. Read another book.

  77. Draw.

  78. De-stress with an adult coloring book.

  79. Color in your adult coloring book.

  80. Take notes on your adult coloring book.

  81. Socialize – it will give your brain the solid recharge it needs!

  82. Reconnect with your long lost father. An unfocused heart will give you an unfocused mind.

  83. Think about the things you will achieve once you achieve what you’re trying to achieve.

  84. Masturbate to the thought of achieving what you’re trying to achieve.

  85. Achieve.

  86. Dream.

  87. Sleep.

  88. Nap.

  89. Wake up, masturbate.

  90. Sleep again.

  91. Dream more.

  92. Dreaming about achieving has been linked to actual achieving, remember this.

  93. Complete all previously unfinished tasks before you start a new one.

  94. Eat. Hunger has been linked to a lack of focus.

  95. Read another book.

  96. Masturbate again.

  97. I wonder what mom’s doing? I’m going to text her.

  98. Oh she’s working, my bad.

  99. Avoid working with distracting people. They will definitely change your mind about achieving things you want to achieve.

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