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RENDRD Radar: Getting to know Sivz [Interview]

Ask anyone trying to break out in the Vancouver music scene – in a city of our size full of talented artists, it isn’t easy getting recognition. Let alone the chance to showcase your craft. It takes persistence, skill, building a brand for your art, having the right connections – did we say persistence?

When we met up with Sivz at per se Social Corner in Yaletown, we saw these traits in action – before even sitting down she stopped by the DJ booth after recognizing who was behind the decks, one of the many locals she’s connected with through the grind. Over the past four years, Sivz (real name Sylva Sivzattian) has pursued and supported her love of performance by promoting, networking, and consistently upping her game. So far, it’s earned her a residency at Vancouver’s own M.I.A. slots alongside Kidnap Kid, Dusky, and Jimmy Edgar, and a set at the much-anticipated Snowbombing Festival next April at Sun Peaks, the festival’s first year in Canada.

RENDRD: So where did the name Sivz come from?

"I often get mistaken for “Sylvia” when I introduce myself... So imagining having to correct “Sylvia” typos across every event poster and Dj announcement seemed like a complete nightmare I wanted to avoid. My childhood nickname Sivz, comes from my last name, Sivzattian, which is Armenian, and another mouthful for an audience to pronounce" she laughs. Going with Sivz was a natural end result that made both my life (and promoters lives) easier!"

Being a self-professed house head, you’ll find her sets chock-full of G-house, Tech house, and pretty much anything with a 4-4 beat and a great groove that’s going to get you dancing. She told us that when she’s preparing a set for a big-name act that has a distinct sound, she tailors the mix to support that style, but still preserves that Sivz flair each time.

What’s the day job?

"I’m working as a tech software copywriter by day. It’s a pretty chill job - I sit a majority of the day writing, often not on the most exciting of topics but I do enjoy writing so it’s fine. I guess it’s saving my energy for the night, when the real show gets going", another chuckle. "It’s definitely one of the better day jobs I’ve had over the past few years."

And what else are you up to in your spare time?

"Spare time? HA, I wish. Between my ‘day’ job and ‘night’ job, it’s two full time gigs. When I get the chance, I love to write, if not lyrics, I have a doc on my laptop full of ideas that I want to write on, so it’s finding a place to share them and the time to write them out. Before music took over, I was also really into fitness for a while. I’d like to get back to that eventually."

Sivz has recently begun the foray into production as well, now with two tracks under her belt. Most recently she dropped her remix of King Deco’s “Read My Lips” with I Know Karate, a feel-good house hit that’s sure to bring some warm summer vibes to this cold winter.

Have a listen below and keep up with Sivz and her next moves HERE

You’ve also just launched your new initiative Beatginnings, right?

"Yes, we had our first event November 18th. Together with my friend Angelo (aka Palehock) we started the initiative to support all the local DJ’s and bedroom producers out there and give them a chance to have their art heard. Both of us have been in the same situation, so to be able to give back and help other artists grow is very important to us."

DISCLAIMER: the event has passed since this interview – check out our piece on Beatginnings here for more info and to find out about future events.

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