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RENDRD Radar: Turning Your Passion into Your Everyday w/ Ally Pintucci [Interview Pt. 1]

Turning your passion into a full time job is no easy stroll in the park; take it from someone that did just that. Plenty of challenges come with being your own boss, specifically time management and staying motivated. When you have no one giving you instructions or telling you what do and when to have it done by, it really leaves it up to you to get your shit together.

Cue Ally Pintucci, a passion-fueled adventure-seeker whose goal is to creatively tell stories about what motivates her to live a full life. With a growing body of work including partnerships with SONY, MEC and Stay Wild magazine, there’s a clear underlying pattern of adventure.

We met with the young achiever to learn more about her work and how she helps brands develop innovative strategies to push their ideas out to the world, while simultaneously following her own desires and becoming a successful social influencer.

A major chunk of time is devoted to side projects and taking on roles that allow her to do things that she loves. “It just allows me to do my thing, and my motivation is keeping it that way!” she says.

However, this wasn’t something she really envisioned. “I guess my life has been a whirlwind of just chasing things that made me feel good - travel being a big one. I enjoyed documenting my adventures and photography kind of came from that.” She told us.

From there it just sparked a passion that turned into a pay-check.

Through her personal work, Ally encourages people to get out of their comfort zone by inspiring curiosity and showing empathy via storytelling and photography on her social channels.

“Self-motivation is a key quality for every human. Try to expose yourself to environments that teach you to hustle and grind for what you want to achieve. At the end of the day the result you achieve is going to depend on the amount of work you put in.”

As an influencer, social media plays a pivotal role in her day-to-day however she didn’t hold back on her opinion about the way social media can negatively impact lives.

Citing the danger of social media outlets as simply “a highlight reel of someone’s life that people compare their own life to. A lot of the times it makes people feel inadequate or that they're not doing something right in their life.”

“However, social media also has the power to inspire the hell out of you.”

As an influencer, her goal is to keep that in mind at all times. She wants to inspire people, but also be real and honest with things that she struggles with. “My face LIGHTS up when I get messages with people thanking me, or saying that they were able to relate to an experience of mine.”

“We're all just humans dealing with the same old stuff.”

Look out for our next collaboration with Ally where we dive into the topic of how social media can influence peoples’ lives, and how you shouldn’t feel like you’re doing something wrong with yours, just because your Instagram page might not look as flashy as someone else’s.

Peep Ally's pages below

Instagram: @allypintucci

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