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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Includes 19 New Awesome Episodes; Release Date Confirmed

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The most anticipated Rick and Morty Season 3 is rumored to be finally returning on television screens early next year. Interestingly, the show’s co-creator Dan Harmon teases snippets of information and what to expect in the upcoming season.


In the meantime, the showrunner Adult Swim remains mum on the exact return date of the American sitcom. They previously confirmed that the next season is definitely happening, Den of Geek reported. The co-creator Dan Harmon even teased that it is an honor to see the animated series join the “exclusive club of shows over 19 episodes.”

Furthermore, co-creator Justin Roiland commented that he is “blown away” by the instant success of the show. He added that he looks forward to the continuation of the adventures. Harmon also said that it is time to demand the networks to allow them to “draw the characters going to Hawaii.”

It seems that the series creators do not want to cut short the adventure of the characters. If ever the awesome 19-episode run will take place, it will be perfect for the next storyline, compared to the last season’s episode count. While not much has been hinted regarding the show, fans should expect surprises when Season 3 is revealed.


Although it is known that the animated series will return, it turns out that the creators’ masterpiece will kick off on television sooner that is what is expected. Cinema Blend reported that the show may be back on screen before 2016 waves goodbye. In fact, Harmon divulged during a panel at the Magic City Comic Con that they are “targeting around the end of this year.”

Moreover, other writers confirmed that the episodes were actually completed as of September. But the animation processes at the studio are still pending. So at this point, several publications have asserted that the next season will be released in early 2017.

Rick and Morty Season 3 release date remains unclear since Adult Swim has not released any official statement yet.

ICYMI: This is how season 2 ended *sad emoji*

Disclaimer: RENDRD does not endorse clickbait or fake news. However, the sole purpose of this article is to test the propagation of misleading news, and test how far our audience read into a piece before the considering it a fact. Stay tuned for a follow up piece on this matter.

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