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RENDRD Picks: NYE Events

And just like that another Christmas has passed and now we find ourselves in those few days in no man’s land leading up to New Year’s. The best thing about this next week is that it gives you ample to time to recover from the festive family antics and gear up towards ringing in the new year with just as much panache as you attacked that solo in Mariah Carey’s only redeeming festive jingle a couple of nights ago. Now, if someone could just get rid of those few work days in between? Sweet, thanks.

2016 was no lighthearted year. With a string of generational icons being laid to rest, major political tension and an election season to rival anything prior, it’s no wonder many of us are pretty keen to put this one behind us. One thing we will always benefit from is caring more for the planet and all its inhabitants. With that in mind, check out these suggestions for NYE events we’ve come up with so that you can start your 2017 off how you mean to go on:

Anza Club – 3 West 8th Ave.

With a lineup of phenomenal underground talent including our friends I M U R, if you’re looking to spend NYE in just one venue, want sounds guaranteed to make you move and a designated mood lounge to kick it when you need a rest, get yourselves down to the Anza Club.

Get to know a bit more about Groundwerk, it's founding and the positive impact they’re having on the local artistic community here.

Tickets SOLD OUT

Vancouver Art and Leisure - 1965 Main St

Trust the cool cats at Vancouver Art and Leisure to put together this city’s first ever NYE multi-day Music and Art Festival. Running 2 rooms with a choice of the bouncy Backdoor room with disco, house and dance or the vibed out Fortress keeping things techy and minimal.

A festival pass good for both days will cost you only $20 and with 30+ artists on the line-up, you won’t get more bang for your buck.

Cop tickets here.

Vancouver Downtown Area and across the city

If you’re unfamiliar with the DDP movement, check out what they’re Summer Summit looked like and to find out how to join in the fun:-

Best part, it’s entirely free so as it traverses the city, you are free to join and leave as you please so if you need a dose of good vibes at any point throughout your night, check out the app to find out where the party’s at.

Don’t forget to bring your radio stereo so you can be the party.

Download the android app here.

Bar None 1222 Hamilton St

Now, if you’re in the industry and find yourself working NYE, spent New Years away from friends and the city or your countdown was ruined and want to go for a retake, we got you covered. Generocksity are throwing a re-New Year’s Eve bash on Thursday 5th January at Bar None Nightclub.

Best of all it’s a non-profit organization, so 100% of proceeds from all their events go towards benefiting local charities. Tickets cost $10 plus a small online booking fee.

Fix up, look sharp and party with a clear conscience.

Cop tickets here.


Finally, as its New Year’s resolution season here’s a thought I’d like to share.

Sometimes big change happens overnight, but often it comes from the accumulation of little unnoticeable changes here and there that sum up to give a major effect. Something as simple as a different outlook at the start of one’s day can lead you to new and untold experiences. You create your reality, be present to those around you. Finish your day with a positive thought, even if it’s just being thankful for the blanket keeping you warm.

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