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RENDRD Awkward Xmas Contest: Winners and Participants Revealed

This past holiday season we ran a 3 week-long contest where we gathered some gems from our beloved readers. We wanted to hear the most awkward or hilarious moments from this holiday season and we received everything in the spectrum between dick pics (wish I was kidding), to photoshopped last supper family pics. But first off, we would like to congratulate our winners: Ivan Rogachyov John Lau Alborz Massah Niry Manjunath

Thanks to our sponsors Sand and Stone Studios and This Is Très Sick

for providing awesome prizes for this giveaway:

- Official RENDRD Shirt - Official RENDRD dad hat - XXL Fine Art Print of REZZ from This is Très Sick - Goods from Sand & Stone Studio - Christmas Treats

Thanks to everyone who entered! Here are some of our other favourite entries that we received:

From: Streater Schaffer

Our family friend who is also a photo editor suggested we recreate a family portrain of the last supper! Here is the result.

From: Q Al Right

My phone was taken out of commission so I'll use an older photo. But I've been rocking this sweet suit all December. A hit In the office, at the club, at the eve party, at the rave. I tried to put it on my t-Rex costume but it didn't work.

From: Michael Elias

Rick and morty is what i wanted for christmas

Brandon Studholm:

Got this cute little kitty for Christmas. The photo was her first night with us. She passed out in the most awkward looking position. Flat on her back with paws straight up in the air. Best Christmas gift ever!

From Micah Liu:

The Buddhist temple didn't allow photos, but I took one anyways. tfm

Melissa Enge:

l dressed my Persian kitten as santa and brought her to Petco!

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