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The Sound of Our City: Chapel Sound Compilation Vol. 2

Chapel Sound is starting off 2017 with a brand new compilation, bringing some more exposure to a wide selection of locally grown musicians. For those who missed their NYE celebration at the Cobalt, let this second volume of their sound compilation catch you up to their latest works. As a music collective spanning from Vancouver to Montreal, Chapel Sound have the ambition of bringing the best of the underground to the top. Through this second compilation they plan to release a new song every day via their Soundcloud. So far the compilation has featured a diverse selection of songs and genres, from an R&B track from Eros Taylor, to Silkq’s new trap single Beams, as well as I M U R’s last release before their album drop.

Chapel Sound has always been passionate about putting their city on the map when it comes to rising talent in the music industry. Their platform, production community, and live performances have helped provide exposure and growth for the local talent they think deserve it most. You can expect big things from the Chapel Sound community in 2017, with new LPs and merch in the works.

Keep up with Chapel Sound through their page here.

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