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RENDRD Picks: Free Pixar Animation Course

MOOCs, or Massive Online Open Courses to you and I, have been changing the extra-curricular landscape over the past few years. One major non-profit provider Khan Academy has been providing tonnes of free courses and has recently teamed up with the wizkids at Pixar to put together an introductory animation course that’s entirely free. Pixar in a Box is your one stop shop to get started with animation.

Split into 14 digestible sections, the project funded by Disney, takes you through the fundamentals of animation and will have you coding your own simulations from the 3rd unit. There’s also tutorials on using virtual cameras, rigging, character and environment modelling all the way up to rendering as the final process in animation filmmaking. All the while using your favourite films, characters and scenes for reference.

Not only is it a great tool for anyone thinking of going to school for animation and art, but it’s an indispensable resource for anyone trying to gain a new skill under their belt. New Year’s resolution not going so well? It’s not too late to start a new better one, so you can go from this:

To this*:

Access the free course here!

*Disclaimer: It'll probably take more than 1 online course to get that good

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