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RENDRD Radar: Throw On Your Best Chain for Hood Joplin's OWAKE Records Debut

When the weather’s nice and the sun is shining, and that perfect song comes on, do you ever get the feeling that you have to stop and break it down wherever you are? Well bless the gods for ‘My Chain B’, the newest release off of OWAKE Records that will make you do just that. The track comes from Edmonton-based Hood Joplin, making her “O RECS” debut with this bumpin’ footwork single.

Hood Joplin is a producer / DJ who has played shows throughout the country including New Forms Festival, Seasons Festival (for SO LOKI's pop up show), and Sled Island Festival -where she will be opening for the legendary Flying Lotus. Her first full audio project came out last May via Drama Hands, which you can peer on Spotify here.

Her track is OUT NOW on Spotify & Apple Music. Take this as a preview of the great things to come, as she also has a full project coming through the pipeline June!

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