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RENDRD Radar: Harlow Harvey Talks Self-Love, Pride and Vancouver Scene

From producing her own music to dropping bass at major music festivals, the self-established DJ, Rachel Sehl, is back in the scene. After taking a year off performing to perfect her passion of deep house-music, Sehl has returned with heat by rebranding herself as Harlow Harvey.

The Harlow Harvey name depicts two alter egos that now harmonize perfectly within Sehl. She explains, “I found myself by embracing all parts of me instead of fighting them.” Harvey is described as a “complete tomboy” who is dark and moody and thrives in the underground, whereas Harlow is more “feminine, and loves fashion,” who gravitates towards the more mainstream side of house music.

The more light-sided style of her music is demonstrated through her 4 track EP titled “Harlow” which “delves into the more melodic deep house side of things with catchy vocals.” Her debut single “Feel Like Myself” will be released in early June and “Dip It Low” will follow later that same month.

When asked about her debut release, “Feeling Like Myself,” Harlow Harvey’s responses are influential regarding her self-actualization.

Q: What was going on in your life that generated the emotions found in “Feeling Like Myself”?

A: “I was going through an artistic metamorphosis when Feeling Like Myself came to be. I was really learning to embrace my journey in all of this instead of constantly focusing on the destination. I also came to terms with the fact that I'm entirely two different people living in one body. I have two sides that are in complete juxtaposition of each other. It used to drive me crazy because each side was fighting for control but suddenly I was like why can't I be both? I decided to embrace them both and let them both have their own space to thrive. This was so freeing for me and I felt totally liberated to create and be whatever I needed to be.”

Q: What responses do you hope your audience will receive by listening to this song?

A: “Feeling Like Myself is supposed to be the soundtrack to your cathartic release – whatever that is to you. The song is meant to inspire acceptance, inclusivity, and self-love. I want people to listen to that track and celebrate the moments when they are feeling truly like themselves, unchecked and totally-free of inhibitions. It’s the ultimate dance like no-one is watching track!”

Harlow Harvey’s goals, vision, and devotion is stimulating. Asides from her desire to entertain, she wants to put forth in the community. She hopes that “Feeling Like Myself” will become one of the anthems in Vancouver’s Pride Parade, explaining “pride is all about promoting love and acceptance for all. Those are the same values that Feeling Like Myself is meant to inspire so I think it’s perfectly aligned. It is about loving and embracing your true self. I have so much respect for that community.” She recognizes the importance of being a DJ in the segment which was once considered male-dominated and hopes to empower more female participation within the music industry. She plans to start a monthly mix series which will include as many female artists as possible. She says, “the goal is to raise money for charities that help build up women and child.”

All the tracks will be coming out on all major platforms like iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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