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Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Taught Itself to Find the Clitoris

Since acquiring DeepMind in 2014, Google has used the company as an outlet for all of its AI research. In 2016, DeepMind made headlines for its AlphaGo program, when it bested the world’s top Go player.

Just recently, DeepMind turned even more heads by creating a program that is capable of locating the clitoris – a feat that nearly half of humans fail at – equipped with only a camera.

Using a set of images indicating female sensory nerve ending concentrations, Google Clits scans vulvas for structural similarities. Candidate hotspots are then reconsidered as the program uses further anatomical data to verify the target clitoris. Also, it’s just right at the top of the vagina.

The project isn’t entirely unique – machine learning for image recognition has existed for some time. What gives Google Clits its edge is the utility it offers half of Google’s users.

The project is still in beta, meaning frustrated femmes might have to stay that way until a final version is released. In the meantime, Google recommended checking out Pornhub or the body book for any lost parties.

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