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Crystals Collective Release Vol. 3 and the World Rejoiced

Another day, another release by the Vancouver based C r y s t a l s Collective.

Vol. 3 is a medley of tunes that range from lucid experimental joints to hard hitting trap bangers that would rip up any festival. Sollbury's "Dawk" and "Clutch" by So Sus would fit a performance at Shambhala's Amphitheatre stage whilst spritely synths decorate Floramaga's offering. "Nicotine" is a personal favourite; have a listen below;

The underlying theme throughout is a sense that C r y s t a l s is a showcase of refined talent of the underground.

Founded by the local phenomenon/DJ/producer that is So Sus, Crystals has been championing their open door submission policy that encourages anyone to submit a track to be included in future releases.

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