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Latest Release from the Afrolution comes Heavy with the Fusion

The Afrolution are back with a sampling of colorful hip-hop infused with distinctive vibes from their native Kenya. The tracks, ‘Family Ties’ and ‘Kwa Mtaa’, are available on SoundCloud right now. Peep them here, along with the rest of their tunes:

First is ‘Kwa Mtaa’, a bouncy braggadocious track with a hook delivered in Swahili. ‘Kwa mtaa’ translates to ‘on the streets’ in English – the verses express a journey from Nairobi to Vancouver. Rapper Just K hops on for the second verse and Afrolution producer Funzo Kuu is responsible for the beat. ‘Family Ties’ is a change of pace, an introspective track reflecting on the Afrolution’s beginnings in the basement. Woozy, intoxicated verses are fleshed out with some great double tracked vocals from featured singer Caroline, adding a soulful core to the song.

These cats are ones to watch as their following and skill continues to grow with every infused track they bring to the surface.

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